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2026 Africa World Cup Qualifiers: Strong Teams Revealed

The 2026 Africa World Cup Qualifiers matches kicked off on 15th Nov 2023 in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. From the first-round group stage results, it’s evident that the stage was set for a competitive journey, with different African World Cup Teams hungry to represent their countries on the Knockout stage and beyond. The passion expressed by the initial clashes signaled the desire among every team to secure their spot in the World Cup. Apart from the nine teams that qualified for the World Cup, some of the runners will also get the chance to prove otherwise. Let’s have an overview of the African World Cup Teams in 2026. Stick around as you can make the best out of this competition on best South African betting companies.

Overview of the 2026 World Cup African Qualifiers

Previously, the Africa World Cup Qualifiers used to be 5 African teams. As of 19 May 2023, the CAF Nations Cup Executive Committee has introduced another strategy to determine the qualifying teams. There are 9 groups each having 6 teams. Each team will play two games, a home and away round-robin match. The winner in every group qualifies for the world cup directly. Runners-up from the four best teams will engage in the play-offs to form the CAF representative at the inter-confederation play-offs.

Group A comprised Egypt, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, and Djibouti, where Egypt claimed victory with 6 points. Burkina Faso emerged as strong contenders for the playoff qualification with 4 points in the World Cup Qualifiers Africa.

Group B featured another match that included perennial contenders like Senegal, Sudan, DR Congo, Togo, Mauritania, and South Sudan. Senegal won the group stage with 4 points and +4 GD closely followed by Sudan who also had 4 points and +1 GD.

Group C in the 2026 Africa World Cup qualifiers was a dynamic mix of footballing prowess. It featured a compelling lineup of nations each with its distinct football legacy and aspirations. The teams that participated are Rwanda, South Africa national Football team.

Nigeria, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, and Benin. Rwanda topped the group with 4 points while South Africa national Football team became the runners-up with 3 points. The three points for South Africa World Cup qualifiers had them eliminated and will not participate in the runners-up. However, one of the anticipated matches is the Zimbabwe vs South Africa World Cup Qualifiers. The scheduled match Zimbabwe vs South Africa World Cup Qualifiers is yet to be discussed. Zimbabwe, the Warriors, will look to their passionate fans to upset more favored opponents. Two matches between these rival southern African nations are sure to produce fireworks. Looking into Zimbabwe vs South Africa World Cup Qualifiers last meet up, which ended 0 – 1 in November 2021, and another which ended 0 – 0 in September 2021, it’s evident that both encounters between Zimbabwe and South Africa national Football team were tightly contested affairs.

Group D in the 2026 Africa World Cup qualifiers exhibited an intense competition. Cameroon and Cape Verde tied both with 4 points. The only thing that made Cameroon qualify for the World Cup is the goal difference of +3, and the runners-up had +2. Libya, Angola, Mauritius, and Eswatini faced an uphill battle and will have to try next time.

Group E features another intriguing matchup between several top African World Cup Teams. Morocco’s star-studded golden generation, including CAF Nations Cup champions and world-class players plying their trade in major European leagues, made them a threat to their opponent. The runners-up was Zambia with 3 points, and the other group members were Niger, Tanzania, Congo, and Eritrea in the World Cup Qualifiers Africa.

Group F unfolded with Ivory Coast and Gabon dominating. Each earned 6 points but Ivory Coast qualified due to the astounding +11 goal difference. Gabon is expected to participate in the FIFA Play-Off Tournament on the date to be discussed. Kenya, Burundi, Gambia, and Seychelles faced a tough challenge to secure a better spot in the World Cup Qualifiers Africa.

Algeria led Group G with 6 points. Other teams that participated in this group were Botswana, Guinea, Uganda, Mozambique, and Somalia.

Tunisia and Equatorial Guinea led group F with 6 points each. Other teams included Namibia, Malawi, Liberia, and São Tomé and Príncipe. Tunisia topped the group stage due a goal difference of +5. Equatorial Guinea became the runners-up and will try her best to secure the spot in the FIFA Play-Off Tournament.

The last Group I in the World Cup Qualifiers Africa has Comoros as the group winner with 6 points, and the runners-up being Mali, which also has a chance to secure the World Cup spot in the FIFA Play-Off Tournament. Other teams in this group were Madagascar, Ghana, Central African Republic, and Chad.

Strong African Teams to Watch in the World Cup 2026

There are several strong African teams to keep an eye on that could make it to the knockout stage and beyond.

Ivory Coast National Team

The Ivory Coast national team is one of the best Africa Teams in World Cup that qualified for the three World Cups in a row (2006, 2010, and 2014). The team also won the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations thanks to the world-class players like Wilfried Zaha and Jean Michaël Seri. In the 2026 world cup, this team might solidify their legacy as an African football powerhouse.


Senegal is among the Africa Teams in World Cup that has qualified for the World Cup thrice, one in 2002, where they got their flag to the quarter-finals. They also participated in 2018 and 2022 and this showcased their consistent presence on the global stage. The team’s strategic style led by talents like Sadio Mane is a sign that they can perform and become consistent contenders.


The Pharaohs of Egypt hold a fantastic record on the African continent. They’ve won the Africa Cup of Nations seven times, and while their World Cup appearances were in 1934, 1990, and 2018, their consistency in African football speaks volumes. With the likes of Mohamed Salah and other world class players, the Pharaohs national team is among the Africa Teams in World Cup to watch out for from the knockout stage and beyond.


Cameroon, known as the Indomitable Lions, brings a legacy of success in African football. Among the Africa Teams in World Cup, Cameroon has the most FIFA World Cup appearances, having qualified for eight times. This national team has a blend of experienced professionals like Andre Onana, Zambo Anguissa, and Vincent Aboubakar who will motivate other players.

The level of competition in African World Cup Teams is intense but promises exciting matches between skilled opponents. Whichever teams ultimately book their tickets to the knockout stage, they will be ready to represent Africa on the global stage.

Bottom Line

The 2026 Africa World Cup Qualifiers have already produced memorable matches and revealed strong teams to watch. As the qualifying rounds progress, more thrilling encounters between Gabon and Burkina Faso are sure to emerge. The knockout stage will showcase the best African World Cup Teams will have the opportunity to prove themselves on the global stage.