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We are a team of dedicated sport loving enthusiasts, we are as passionate as our fans globally and we are poised to share with our fans how we perceive sports in general, with football taking the center stage. What we are about is easy, to throw open our opinionated views concerning various sports and also to create a sociable ambiance for our fans to interact. Whatever you are inclined to with respect to sporting news, be it transfer news, latest news, rumors, etc. and for our fans that do not only like to watch and but would also like to put their mouth where their money is, we also share with you the best houses, betting tips and guide, predictions, bonuses and promotions of different bookmakers, etc. You can always count on africabettingnews.com to take you there.


We always want to live up to our words, we do not tell you a thing and you find it not to be so with our competitions. Take us for our words.


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