Online Betting Security


Betting actually commenced from local stores, where most of the betting activities were manually done, particularly here in Africa before the birth of the internet. There are still manual activities as can be seen in most of the streets of Lagos for instance and other African countries, education is a major concern here as a hand full of players do not know how to use the internet. This can be said of the African market, but still, have to gamble like of the old so the local shops would continue to exist. With the internet just with a click, you can place your bet and that’s convenient is these days and would get in years to come as technology continue to advance, but with it came security issue. We hear of email and password being infiltrated and this raises a major concern, as we would be discussing how to be bet safely and have your account secured online.

We shall be looking at the things a player can do to stay safe online and with complete adherence your safety can be guaranteed.


There are many things to consider when choosing your bookmaker taking into consideration security, e.g. security of personal details, security from malware, the security of your deposited funds, etc.

It is advised to diligently do thorough research on the bookmaker of your choice before you even sign up with them, for the fact that they have an awesome website does not guarantee they are safe, popularity to an extent is not a yardstick of how secure they are as well.

At we want to ensure you are able to safely pick a bookmaker of your choice and have the confidence that your funds and details are safe, so I advise you follow our lead and also further do your own research when choosing a bookmaker.

So when choosing a bookmaker, ask yourself the following questions;

If the bookmaker does not have a base in Africa, do they support bets from African countries, if yes, what are the countries supported? Not all betting sites support bet from all African countries, the list of the bookmakers we listed here sure support bet from African countries and they are usually stated, so you do your findings well enough.

Are they transparent? This is another factor to consider as some of them could be cheating using unfair terms and conditions, unexplained system glitch that could affect your fund, and other various methods. Some could withhold your fund for no just cause, most times people chase this act and they get tired and they just write it off cos there is no authority to report them to and most especially when it is done online.

So we shall be looking at what a player can do to protect himself from bookmakers with known for nefarious acts.


We are here to make sure you don’t get ripped off, have your personal details compromised, so my candid advice is to stick to any bookmaker we recommend as we have done extensive research on them. Please, do your own part too, do not be in a rush to start betting so you don’t sign up with the wrong ones.


We are an advocate of responsible gambling like many gambling sites are, we strongly advice not to gamble on impulse, a good player knows his limit and it is very good to place a limit to how much you intend to gamble with, this helps you to stay prepared. Follow this and you will be very fine in your gambling journey.


It is strongly recommended to get anti-virus and anti-spyware if you do not already have that in place yet as this will shield your details from being hacked and in turn keeping your funds safe, this offers an extra level of security to your account and system.


It is pertinent to carry out thorough research on the bookmaker of your choice and I know some would ask, how? Do not worry we have you covered, there are various ways to make a lookup and we shall be discussing some. You can look up reviews of the bookmaker in question, if they are social media, then it is a good place to get an honest review, you can ask in forums or threads as the case may be.

Another way is to ask around, you can also get an honest report by doing this as well.


When dealing with any bookmaker you should ensure the betting site is well encrypted, with this customers financial and personal details are kept safe, even their username and passwords, so we suggest sites that do not give or ensure end to end encryption should not be dealt with as your personal details are not safe and you stand the risk of losing money.


Licensing authorities often make owners and executives pass through “fit and proper person test”, the test helps to tell the owner of the company is upright and reputable, and they are not involved in any criminal activities. This helps to ensure that people unsuitable people from doing business in the industry and gives the player a lead on who can be trusted and who cannot be. So this is a good pointer to look at.

We believe by following the aforementioned security tips, you are able to gamble safely online and also you should look up other security measures to keep your funds safe with any bookmaker you decide to sign up with. We wish you good fortune! Start HERE