Best Bookmakers in Africa

Best Bookmakers in Africa

The best bookmakers in Africa according to us are the ones that have the features that is favorable to the players or bettors, and they were also selected because of the things they offer. Some of the things they offer are bonuses and promotions, security, payment and withdrawal methods, customer support, etc. International bookmakers are not left out so long they are able to accomodate the African players, of course not all accept players from Africa.

Bookmakers have various bonuses and promotions and not limited to FIFA world cup, UEFA champions league, African Cup of Nations, etc. These     bonuses and promotion are used as competitive marketing advantage over other bookmakers just to lure new and existing customers. We bring updates concerning these bonuses and promotions to enable players choose their preferred bookmaker.

Players can get enlightened by following us as we place updates on new bookmakers, their offering,Upcoming events, Odds comparatives etc. to make the best out of their gaming experience.


Here we shall be looking at the different welcome bonuses and promotions that are open to new customers in Africa and what it means. Explicit review of these houses is provided in subsequent pages.

NO DEPOSIT BONUS: it is the sum of money you get upon signup as the heading suggest, you need not deposit money, but players must read up T&C to learn of better ways to leverage on this.

FREE BETS: This is another form of a welcome bonus, it is a sum of money you can use to stake a bet at an online sportsbook, if your prediction is correct, you get to keep the amount won but not the free bet amount. There are twist and turns to this welcome bonus as it varies from one house to the other, a player should learn about it with his preferred house of choice.

MOBILE BONUS: This bonus is exclusively for players that play using their mobile devices.

DEPOSIT BONUS: Here a player is required to make a deposit before claiming the bonus, it is usually a percentage of the amount deposited between 25% to 100%.

MATCHED BONUS: is a reward paid on depositing or wagering, usually equal to the value of the deposit or wager. It is very common in online casino and online sports betting.


New Bookmakers emerge all the time in the betting niche and this has to do with both Africa and international bookmakers, this emergence is to the benefit of the players as they have a variety to choose from, with
this into consideration, we shall be looking at what a player should look out for before choosing a bookmaker.

PAYMENT AND WITHDRAWAL METHODS: In choosing a bookmaker a player should consider this because payment and withdrawal could pose a major issue sometimes. So a player should be looking at one that has an e-wallet option, local bank transfer, card usage (credit and debit card).

WELCOME BONUSES AND PROMOTIONS: Houses offering the best bonuses and promotions are the ones you want to do business with definitely. These perks add extra value to your predictions.

ODDS AND PAYOUT PERCENTAGE: This is another point to note in choosing bookmakers, the higher the payout percentage, the higher the odds.

CASHOUT, LIVE STREAMING AND LIVE BETTING: These features are one a good player should look out for as it avails you the chance to cash out before a match comes to an end, it keeps you in the know of events as they happen (real time), and lastly, you can place a bet as the match unfolds or even during the match.

VARIETY OF MARKET: A good player should go for a bookmaker that offer a variety of market and different sporting events as this gives you more option to stake your bet in any area you are comfortable with, unlike when reverse is the case.


Bonuses and promotions are placed out there to attract new customers and also for remarketing, they are also used to entice non-participating customers. This is a very common norm when it comes to online sports betting. There are different promotions like cash back offers, deposit bonuses, Free bets, etc.

Smart players can make use of these bonuses as it allows you to bet with less risk thereby increasing your chances of winning. The main types of bonus common on the African plane are the “welcome bonus” and “free bets”. We shall be considering these two types of bonuses and how a smart player can take advantage of them.


Virtually all bookmakers offer this method of promotions, the idea behind this has been explained earlier. Since they all offer this, the question is, how do we know the best ones to sign up with? Though this is not the only feature in choosing your preferred bookmaker, but it can be very helpful in putting this attribute into consideration when making a choice.

Here a bookmaker offer you a cash bonus for signing up and placing your first deposit with them, the most common is the 100% welcome bonus, this amount is deposited into your bonus account. There are terms and conditions tied to this as you are expected to play using your bonus account, with an option if you want to play from your main account, and you cannot cash out from your bonus account unless you meet the T&C attached to the welcome bonus. For example, some bookmakers expect you to play eight times the amount deposited and a bonus is given, while others require you to play less, so having this knowledge will allow you to choose wisely.


This differs from the welcome bonus in that you are given a sum of money by the bookmaker to bet with. Then again, a wise player should consider the terms and conditions that comes with the free bet.