Jose Mourinho and Frank Lampard lock horns as they battle who tops the English Premier League.

The race to the top of the English Premier League saw both teams lock horns in a very tactical match that saw both managers threading with caution and that could be seen in their play and more so in their substitutions.

Mourinho has only managed a win in 30yrs at Stamford Bridge and this encounter meant a lot to him and his squad.

The Portuguese tactician portrayed himself as the underdog in the encounter claiming Lampard had more depth in his team compared to his, while Lampard, on the other hand, thinks otherwise because he has a young squad that he says can not match the experience of Spurs when they view it player by player.

Mourinho started up with the same kind of formation he used against Guardiola with the intention to catch Frank Lampard’s side on the counter or catch them napping as City defence line did that made them suffer defeat, the Portuguese tactician started with a 4-2-3-1 formation, while Frank Lampard played with a 4-3-3 formation. A close look at the formation tells us clearly that one is coming to defend with the intent of a counter-attack and the other wants to attack and also with caution.

We saw an encounter where both teams clearly wanted to win and no one wanted to lose.  Chelsea had the majority of the possession and wanted a win badly but with caution knowing what Spurs could hurt them.

Frank Lampard read the game plan very well as he neutralized all the counter-attacking plot by Spurs with a defence of Zouma and Thiago Silva. Ben Chilwell, and Reece James, on the other hand, did a good job in keeping Harry Kane, Son Heung-Min, and Steven Bergwijn at bay.

Edouard Mendy had a superb save from a Serge Aurier’s powerful shot making the keeper go full stretch, Edouard Mendy is in very fine form, he has kept a clean sheet conceding once in 6 games.

Tammy Abraham also needed something special to go past Hugo Lloris as he failed to get his head on to the balls being delivered by Reece James in more than one occasion.

Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech did not do more much in the game, Ziyech made some wrong passes in the game. Timo Werner had his goal ruled out off a Joe Rodon error but he was on offside and the referee needed not to consult with the VAR as the linesman flagged him.


Spurs coach asserted, ‘ the players were unhappy about the match and it is a positive for me because it is a change in mentality for them and for us all when it has to do with playing with Chelsea, they have the mind that they can beat them even in the house.’

Mourinho is yet to beat Frank Lampard in 90minutes in 4 straight matches.

‘A draw for me here is a positive and staying top of the EPL log is also a positive result, I believe it is a game where we had mutual respect for one another, no one tried to alter the cause of the game.’ – Mourinho

Mourinho also heaped raise on the Joe Rodon, the young lad joined from Swansea, aside from the mistakes he made, he played wonderfully well as he kept the backline with Eric Dier. The centre back headed the ball back to Hugo Lloris during extra time, if Giroud was clinical in his finish would have gifted Chelsea a win, but the centre forward was shy at goal, he jabbed the ball in the bid to play the ball over Lloris but his intent was beautifully read by the keeper.

The Spurs boss said, ‘ we are not title contenders at all, we are like little horses in this race, we are ponies.’

Mourinho said the same thing in 2014 on their way to be crowned EPL champions, this is a mind game that we are all are aware of and it is a typical Mourinho mind game.

Lampard on the hand said, ‘ if you have a team including Harry Kane, Son Heung-min, with Gareth Bale and the likes of Dele Ali on the bench, then you are a contender, Mourinho can choose to see it the way he wants but we all know they are strong contenders to the race.’

Mourinho further spoke of Chelsea boasting of an array of players with vast experience, ‘Thiago Silver’s salary can pay Joe Rodon salary for a year why should I blame the young lad, he has done well regardless of the mistakes made.’

The draw with Chelsea takes Spurs to the top of the EPL log with 21 points, Liverpool is on second with the same point but are on second with goal difference, while Chelsea is third on the log with 19 points.

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Kingsley Ekeocha is a passionate sports writer and lover, who also happens to have worked with networks like Digital Raves Network, Performance Genie Corp, Kable Media Network, etc. He has been in this business for up to five years and has worked in different departments ranging from account management, business development, affiliate management, etc. In his free time, he enjoys watching football mostly the EPL and La Liga.

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