Real Madrid grab their 34th Lal Liga title off a disjointed and disconnected Barcelona that threw away their chances to defend the league title to the wind.


Real Madrid clinched their 34th La Liga title after beating Villareal. The La Liga giant has won all their 10 matches as the games resumed after the halt to football due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Real have been in the form of their life after football returned, aside from winning their games, the players could be seen giving their all just to make sure they win the title.
The way the team bonded went a long way to show the unity in their camp, it does not mean there was no bad blood in the team, but Zidane has managed the team to the fullest, at least he got them playing for him with their lives and that could not be spoken of the greatest rival Barcelona.
Madrid has received criticism from some quarters of being favored by the officials with the number of penalties that were given to them en route their La Liga title.
Diego Simeone of Athletico Madrid thinks otherwise of the notion when asked, ‘Madrid were given Penalties because they attacked more.’

BARCELONA, SPAIN - JULY 16: Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona shows his disappointment during the Liga match between FC Barcelona and CA Osasuna at Camp Nou on July 16, 2020 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

Barcelona, on the other hand, has been inflicted with many problems this season, it all started with the sacking of Ernesto Valverde earlier this year to the unveiling of Quique Setien, selling of players just to balance the books were some of the problems the Camp Nou outfit has suffered this season.
The board itself has made too many wrong signings that do not fit into the Barcelona philosophy. The earning from Neymar’s sale was wasted on players that could not fit into the team.

Barcelona was on top of the Liga table before they dropped crucial points that made Madrid overtake them, Real Madrid, on the other hand, was more compact and wanted the league title more than Barcelona did and the game against Villareal which they won has crowned them the champions of La Liga making it their 34th title and Zinedine Zidane could not hold back his joy.
‘The boys did it, I don’t think you can find this kind of boys out there, they are the best kind of human being you can find, Zidane said.’
Barcelona failed to beat Osasuna at home even when the visitors were awarded a red card in the 77′ of the match. A late goal by Roberto Torres in the 90′ ensured all three points were secured.
Barcelona skipper Lionel Messi at the post-match interview did not hold back his anger and frustration about the game and all that has been happening in the team.
He labeled the team ‘inconsistent’ and ‘weak’ and added that Barcelona must improve if they are to make it far in the Champions League or go further to winning it.
He stated the fans must be out of patience for two seasons now, first losing to Roma and also losing to Liverpool. The talisman was not happy with the game with Osasuna even when he scored a beautiful free-kick that did not make him happy still.

Messi 1a
Messi 2a

‘Madrid won all their matches and that is impressive, the league was not won because of Madrid’s success but because of our mistakes, and Madrid did what they needed to do and they lifted the trophy.’
‘What happened here tonight represents the entire season, we have to be critical of how we have played starting with the players, and the rest of the club.
Barcelona is drawn to Napoli in the round of sixteen, still not forgetting the loss against Liverpool in the semi-final of last season’s Champions League, the talisman fired a warning.
‘Liverpool, Roma…, the fans are running out of patience, and we are not giving them anything, if we are to win the Champions League a lot has to change, playing like this, we will lose to Napoli.
‘We will have to change a lot of things if we are to win the Champions League.
Barcelona threw away a three-goal lead to Liverpool as they were beaten four goals to nothing at Anfield. The year before they suffered the same thing in the hands of Roma as they threw away a 4-1 lead.
The defeat to Osasuna makes it the first time they are losing at Camp Nou since November 2018. They drew three matches to gift Real Madrid the League title.
Osasuna was down to ten men but Barcelona did not capitalize on that, they pushed for the 2nd goal and were punished in the 90’ by Roberto Torres.
‘I once said it that if played like this we do not have the chance of winning the Champions League, and now we did even have enough to win La Liga.
‘We have to take a break, take in some clean air, and clean up our minds of what has happened since December.
Barcelona will have to put themselves together as they prepare to meet Napoli in the 2nd leg of the Champions League on August 8.

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