Manchester City UEFA ban overturned by CAS has thrown footballing world into frenzy as top coaches lay bare FFP.

Manchester City’s UEFA champions league two-year ban was on Monday overturned by the Court of Arbitration for Sport and the decision has laid bare the Financial Fair Play regulation with top coaches like Mourinho, Klopp and La Liga president Javier Tobiaz all speaking out against the decision.

Manchester City was initially handed the ban by UEFA for flouting the Financial Fair Play regulation, but the Premier League giant appealed the decision in the Court of Arbitration for sport and the decision overturned. The English giant also saw a fine of £27m being reduced to £9m.

The verdict was one the footballing world has been waiting for, had the decision being upheld by CAS would mean Manchester City would not participate in the UEFA Champions League for two years, but that was not the case as they were cleared and the fine placed on them dramatically reduced.

Tottenham Hotspur coach Jose Mourinho has blasted the verdict to overturn the decision by CAS as making a mockery of the FFP regulation. The Portuguese stated that the FFP regulation is now dead and that football might as well throw open the door to so many irregularities.

Mourinho was furious at the decision to overturn a decision that was given by UEFA and also to reduce the fine. He stated ‘if they are not guilty why ask them to pay £9m for not cooperating? if you are guilty you are guilty.’

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Mourinho in his Tuesday press conference stated it is a ‘disgrace’ while referring to the decision made to overturn City’s ban. ‘If Manchester City is not guilty, to be punished by millions is a disgrace’. ‘If you are guilty you should be banned, so it is a disgraceful decision all the same.’

The outspoken coach further said if you are not guilty why pay even a pound? I know money is not a problem for them, but if you are paying then otherwise is the case. I’m not saying they are guilty.’

He further cleared out that ‘my criticism is not for Manchester City, my criticism is for the decision to overturn the ban with a fine.’

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Mourinho stated the implication of the decision for some other managers, including Steve Bruce at Newcastle if the proposed Saudi takeover pulls through.

‘I am excited Bruce is doing fine and next season he will do better if the new owner takes over and spends lots of money to get what he wants perhaps he will have a favorable condition.’

Mourinho, who built the team at Chelsea that was financed by Roman Abramovich agreed he enjoyed the power in the transfer market.

The likes of Arsene Wenger termed the financial power a few clubs enjoyed before the FFP was instituted by UEFA as football financial doping after Machester City was bought by the Abu Dhabi.

‘When I said the FFP is dead and the circus door is thrown open, I do not mean I disagree with the concept of  FFP, but rather I am saying I like the concept but the problem I have is with the interpretation of it and what people do with the tool they have in their arsenal.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, on the other hand, had this to say,

‘It is not a good day for football, it means the richest clubs and countries can do what they want in Football.’ as he slams the decision to overturn the decision made by the court of arbitration for sport(CAS).

He stated the decision made by CAS spell doom for the future of FFP where a billionaire can go on and spend as much as they want to in a day thereby creating a no spending check in the sport and that will certainly spell doom for the sport.

Liverpool made it clear that they expected a more strict action from UEFA in 2014 when Man City first breached the FFP rule.

Liverpool owner John W Henry further stated how FFP was integral in the club purchase and also how it was hard to compete dating back in 2010 when he wanted to take over the club because he is not from the middle east and had no ‘Sheik’ attached to his name.

‘Klopp stated he was happy Man City is back and that he does not wish any club lose money, but wanted clubs complying with rules and regulations governing the game, not keeping some and breaching others.’

‘FFP is good and it kind of creates a boundary where a club should not exceed in spending, if there were no FFP then there would be a super league where only a few clubs in the world would be part of it and to compete would have been very hard.’

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‘The idea of FFP is to ensure there is a cap to club spending, it was agreed that clubs should keep their spending within their means, no club should exceed this, meaning you should spend whatever you make from your football business and not injecting loads of cash from external sources, and I think this is very good for football.’

‘The way football is structured in Germany where I am from is totally different and I believe it the best. Football in Germany is structured: we have different structures and not an owner, with the structures in place is very clear where you get money from before the start of every season. You are given a license to participate every season after vetting if you don’t get a license you don’t participate and it is as simple as that.

In 2015 Liverpool was one of the 20 clubs asked by UEFA for financial information but they were not found breaching any of the rules and regulations. Under Klopp, they have made a cumulative £187m in profit in four years averaging a £40m per season in players sale, thereby placing them ahead of even Machester City in England as the top club.

Klopp said he believes Liverpool would have lived within their financial means this season as well.

‘Money is needed to bolster your team, we live in uncertain times, we do not know if we will not have money, we might not spend that much.’

He further opened up on Dejan Lovren who Zenith Petersburg is interested in, stating we need him and he is still our player and has a role to play for us.


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