David Luiz’s howler throws Arsenal further away from participating in Europe next season.

The much-anticipated game between Man City vs Arsenal finally came to live, the main talk was to be between Pep Guardiola and apprentice turned manager Mikel Arteta.

Mikel Arteta has been understudying Pep Guardiola before the appointment came from Arsenal to lead the team to their next phase. Arsenal had to sack Unai Emery after his poor run of form in the EPL dragging the team further down to relegation, the manager that has managed teams like PSG lost his groove and saw the club in decline, he was given time to salvage the situation but fell short of that to rescue the team so he was axed.


Edward Nketiah was preferred to  Alexandre Lacazette in the attack, while Pablo Mari was played ahead of David Luiz, while Joseph Willock was selected over Dani Ceballos.

These changes were made by Arteta knowing fully well he was going up against his former boss and arguably one of the best tacticians in the game of Football. Bukayo Saka was played upfront with Aubameyang and Willock.

Man City made few changes as well with Eric Garcia coming in for Nicolas Otamendi and Gabriel Jesus starred in the attack for City ahead of Kun Aguero.

Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta vs Mancity

Granit Xhaka started the problem for Football club Arsenal when he collided with his teammate Matteo Guendouzi in the 8′, what seemed a minor collision turned out to be a serious one and the Arsenal man was withdrawn from the game as he could not continue.

Pablo Mari followed next in the 24′ after the defender was seen limping, it could be seen in the eyes of Arteta that they were in serious trouble for the night and both players were changed within 25′. The latter was replaced with David Luiz while Xhaka was replaced with Ceballos.

David lewis before his blunder and reckless play that sold the game to Man City had been making wrong passes both long and short, that went a long way in justifying why he was left on the bench or why Pablo Mari was played ahead of him.

Manchester City had most of the possession for the night as Arsenal was made to chase the ball most the time in this encounter. The first game of the night came in the nick of time off a David Luiz’s howler.

A long ball was played in Luiz’s direction and that shouldn’t have been a problem for him to control but unfortunately, the ball came off his left foot and fell for Raheem who made a diagonal run. He beautifully put the ball past Leno to gift the home team the first goal of the night.

Raheem Sterling got the first goal against Arsenal
David Luiz's howler against Man City

Just 4′ into the second half David Luiz was caught flat-footed and this time by the dummy run of Riyad Mahrez. David Luiz with his wealth of experience should have known you don’t pull back a player that is on course to scoring, the consequence, of course, was a red card and a penalty.

He intended a professional foul but was caught by the center referee. The penalty was taken by Kevin De Bruyne and no mistake was made as he sent Leno diving the wrong way to make it 2 – o for Man City.

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Arsenal was left chasing before the red card, the card made it worse for them as they were hoping the game could end so they don’t get further humiliated. Captain Aubameyang not in the game all day and that raised a question with respect to his contract talk stalling, one could only imagine what would have gone through the minds of Arsenal fans across the globe, some took to social media to troll the Arsenal defender for his mistakes, while some complained of the missing captain in the game.

Credit has to be given to Guardiola and his players for putting up such a top-class performance regardless of being out for 100days of no action. Earlier before the encounter Guardiola complained of his player’s fitness and made excuses for them just in case they played below par, But the display we saw was totally the opposite of the comment made by their coach.

City showed class and also why they are the defending champions with their performance at the Etihad. Ederson was a standout as the goalkeeper produced jaw-dropping long passes that in fact won the match for City, he set up Raheem Sterling’s first goal and was instrumental in the second too.


Phil Foden got the last goal for City in the 90′ to add to their misery for the night, Phil was played ahead of Leroy Sane who is Bayern Munich bound. Leroy Sane has refused to renewed his contract with City as he has his sight on Bayern.

Ederson nasty collision with Eric Garcia

Ederson aside putting up a very fine display, collided with Eric Garcia in 80′ that saw the young defender stretched off the field. Gabriel Jesus was replaced with Kun Aguero, as Aguero remains the highest goalscorer for a non-English player in the EPL.

Mesut Ozil was missing for Arsenal and was not even on the bench for the gunners. The match showed Man City has more quality in their team than Arsenal does, it almost appeared like men were playing boys, they possessed more experience and that could be seen in their play.

There is room for Arsenal to improve as most of the players are quite young, and there is a lot of work to be done by Mikel Arteta.

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