Mourinho shows how hard it is to unlearn when you are past 40years of age, as they are being dumped by Chelsea.

One would think Mourinho would have learned from the sacking he got at Manchester United, but he showed how hard it is to unlearn when you are way passed certain age and when you are the type that does not want to unlearn, relearn a particular trade.

The match against Chelsea backed this saying as he showed his methods are obsolete, while Frank Lampard demonstrated he could learn and unearth new skills.

The match was characterized by some amazing talking points, Chelsea’s Antonio Rudiger was subjected to a monkey chant, Son Heung-Min was sent off after what seemed to be a karate kick as a result of frustration, Paulo Gazzaniga’s blunder that gifted Chelsea a penalty, etc.

LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 22: Paulo Gazzaniga of Tottenham Hotspur collides with Marcos Alonso of Chelsea in the area which results in a penalty awarded to Chelsea during the Premier League match between Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea FC at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on December 22, 2019 in London, United Kingdom. (Photo by Clive Howes - Chelsea FC/Chelsea FC via Getty Images)

Paulo Gazzaniga showed he is inexperienced with this howler to give Chelsea the second goal from the spot as it was perfectly converted by their star man Willian. The timing of the goalkeepers run and his intent clearly was a mess as he collided into Marcos Alonso to give them a penalty.

what seemed like a 70-30 situation was quickly turned to a 50-50 situation as the goal showed inexperience in clearing his line. He got to the ball before Alonso but was just undecided with what he wanted to do with the ball as he opted to use his leg for a ball he could have punched into touch to save the day, but unfortunately, his inexperience was to be televised.

The VAR’s reviewed the incidence before awarding the penalty which of course sparked some friction within the fanbase of both teams, but for anyone who is unbiased would give that as a penalty and thanks to VAR as they awarded the penalty.

Willian 2

Willian was man of the match as he showed why Frank Lampard still believes in him as one of the oldest players of the squad, with Eden Hazard gone to Madrid, Willian has been able to fill that shoe very well as he produced yet another master class performance yesterday and also finishing with a brace.

Chelsea might want to review his contract with the showing yesterday as the star man’s contract will be up by the end of the season and I doubt they will want him to leave on a free.

Willian has demonstrated he can lead Chelsea’s attacking line with he display at Tottenham. He perfectly converted the spot-kick as a result of Tottenham numbers howler to make it a brace for him. Chelsea needs the experience of Willian if they are to contend for the Premiership and Champions League spot,  though the likes of Mount, Abraham in that attacking line is a very good option the experience of the 33yr old Brazilian is still very much needed in other to help the younger lads.

Once again Jose Mourinho showed he lacked the tactical adroitness of competing in the Premier League while Lampard despite quite young in management showed he could come up with some sort of innovation, a new approach to the game.

Mourinho stuck to his 4-2-3-1 formation that we all know him for and he could comprehend Lampard’s 3-4-3 formation swallowed up his midfield in the first half of the game that saw them lead with 2 goals into half time.

It could be clearly seen that Mourinho is still very much in love with power-play over creative play as he preferred the duo of Mussa Sissoko and Eric Dier over creative midfielders of Christian Eriksen, Harry Wink, and Ndombele. He had an attacking line comprising of Son, Harry Kane, Dele Ali, and Lucas Moura which was very good but the question is, how does the ball get to them upfront when your midfield is clamped down?

Lampard had a mix of strength and creativity in the middle of the pack and they overpowered the two giants in the middle for Mourinho and that was how the game was lost for Mourinho. In the bid to redeem it, we saw him switch to the same 3-4-3 as Lampard but unfortunately, Son Heung-Min could not hold back his frustration as he got a red card for the retaliation on Rudiger what appeared to be a “Karate kick”.